“In my mind, taking a visit to the nation of Israel is a life-changing event. I tell people that every verse I read in the Bible, is different in my mind after I have been to Israel. I picture it in a different way. Every sermon I hear is received differently than in the past , because I envision so many different things that I hear. I even have an enhanced Focus when I am preparing a message and when I preach a sermon.
The tour I had with Arieh Ventures was a complete package. All of the details of the tour were carefully attended to, so we had a very smooth running tour. We saw the most popular sites as well as some less visited, off the road places.
All of us in the group felt very safe at all times. I have been telling people everywhere that they should take a trip to Israel if at all possible. And this is the kind of man, and the kind of tour that I can heartily recommend!”



“Everything, the personal attention, the safety, the knowledge of the tour guides, the transportation, the lodging. Arieh Ventures put together a winning team. If I can, I would be returning to Israel every year with them.”


D.B., Germany

“We had a wonderful time and we learned so much!!! It’s been a terrific life changing experience!”


R.M. & FAMILY, Ukraine

“This was a trip of a lifetime for my wife and I…To find brimstone at the sight of Sodom and Gomorrah after nearly 4,000 years was “confirming and strengthening” to my belief of Gen. 19.  To  see Gadara and the caves where the Maniac lived was to “pig out”, ha, on the reality and truth of the Word of God.  To watch the sun rise on the sea of Galilee was to draw closer to partially share in what the good Lord and the disciples enjoyed many suns ago…I recommend this trip WITH THIS GUIDE and his company so very highly to anyone who has a sincere love for our King.  Arieh Ventures not only has a very high degree of knowledge concerning the geography but is well able to couple that wisdom with his great degree of knowledge in the Word of God.”