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Tours in Israel can be grueling affairs. It is akin to herding cattle from one location to another, being allowed to nibble but seldom allowed to graze. What feed is offered is usually from everything but the Authorized Version…filled with tradition, but short on truth. There has to be a better way!

Furthermore, many people work hard over the course of their lives for the chance to maybe see Israel for themselves. How much better would it be to create a way for young people to “come and see”. With the rise in antisemitism, Israel needs informed ambassadors worldwide. With the rise in Bible illiteracy, the world needs informed students of the Scriptures. There has to be a better way!

We special in tours that are biblically-based and carefully-paced so that you can feast on the word of God in the land of the Bible without getting spiritually sick or leaving spiritual food on the table! We offer standardized tours based on years of experience as a resident of Israel AND a student/teacher of the word of God. We can also customize tours to fit your Bible-believing needs.