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We are focused on bringing Bible students to Israel, but we can

put something together to suit just about anyone’s needs. Want to ride a camel in the desert? Why not! Want to see what it’s like to live and work on a kibbutz? Can do! Want to make a special trip with your family, from the kids to the grandparents? We can do that, too!

Below, you’ll find additional information on the types of tours we can put together. Our focus is sharp, but our flexibility is, umm…flexible!

Intersession Program Tour

Study Bible Geography, Archaeology, History, and more…at the sites themselves and for credit towards your training program!

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Dan to Beersheba

Choose our 8 day package that will take you from Dan in the Golan Heights to Beersheba in the northern Negev. Have a couple of extra days to spare? Take our 12 day package that will get you all the way down to snorkeling in the Red Sea, camel rides in the Negev Desert, and an extra day in Jerusalem!

Sample 8-Day Tour

Sample 12-Day Tour


From the adventurer to the vacationer…from the volun-tourist to the military aficionado. Let us put together a trip that will turn the Israel that you wish you knew into the Israel you’ll come back to see more of!

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