Why Arieh Ventures?

Throw a rock into a crowd in Israel, and you’ll hit a tour guide! 

The biggest benefit we can offer is security:

You can be secure in knowing that all teaching will be from a Bible-believing perspective and submitted to the highest authority, the Authorized Version.

You can be secure in knowing a Bible-believing fellow servant with a background in military security will guide you all the way. I’ll be here before you arrive to set up each tour, I’ll accompany you, and I’ll be here after you leave to take care of any unfinished business…because I live here!



All information will be filtered through the King James Bible, not Catholic dogma, secular archaeology, traditions of the elders, or emotional experience!


Meet a Scribe

Meet a modern-day Torah scribe, and learn how the Bible has been written for thousands of years!


Brimstone Hunt

Hunt for remnants of brimstone near the shores of the Dead Sea; take some proof home with you that the Bible record is accurate!

Judea & Samaria

Venture into Judea and Samaria (i.e. the West Bank), and ascend Temple Mount; see for yourself the biblical land given to the seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob!

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